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The Lost Kona

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I found another trashed bike.

This one was by a dumpster on the edge of a mall parking lot - a deviation from my usual back alley finds. It was missing a front wheel and had a tree branch lashed to the rear chainstay. Probably something jury-rigged for towing.

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Fixed Gear Retrospective

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Last year, before I got super bike crazy, my mom found a strange bike at a community junk swap. It was a beautiful deep-red lugged steel Raleigh Olympus. She said she had picked it up to take home, and noticed that as she was walking it back, the cranks were slowly spinning and bumping into her leg.

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Winter Riding Retrospective

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This is a continuation of The Winter Huffy Build.

My first winter of riding a bike was a roaring success. I can proudly (and with much hubris) say that I never wiped out or had an accident, though I definitely had my fair share of moments where I lost traction. To that end, I’d like to give my own list of advice for anyone who wants to ride in the winter.

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Becoming Obsessed with Bikes

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In 2021, I started getting into cycling. Like, really into cycling. Or more accurately, getting into bicycles. Cycling conjures up images of men in skintight spandex riding $2000 carbon fiber framed bicycles with garish brand names plastered all over the thick tubing.

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