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Winter Riding Retrospective

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This is a continuation of The Winter Huffy Build.

My first winter of riding a bike was a roaring success. I can proudly (and with much hubris) say that I never wiped out or had an accident, though I definitely had my fair share of moments where I lost traction. To that end, I’d like to give my own list of advice for anyone who wants to ride in the winter.

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The Winter Huffy Build

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Every year, after the first dump of snow, I roll my bike up in a tarp and pack it away for the winter. But this year was different. I had accumulated a ton of trash bikes, and replaced basically every mode of transportation I regularly used with cycling. I was having a great time, and when winter rolled around, the thought of going back to walking, riding the bus, and driving seemed like more of a bummer than usual.

As the months rolled on I became more and more determined. Could I keep cycling through the winter? I’d heard of people doing it, even in my city, which has a (perhaps undeserved) reputation for harsh winters.

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